R-Iglo workspace – Rotterdam

R-Iglo workspace – Rotterdam functional workspace for innovative users The first functional 3D-printed workspace for Port of Rotterdam’s client Vertidrive can be found in the monumental RDM GrofSmederij. The shell combines several functions from self-supporting structure to acoustically optimized integrated wall-shape. This is the basis for an entire family of custom made workspaces that can […]

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WUR – Lelystad

WUR – Lelystad Circular Renovation of Office & Research Building The exsisting building has reached the end of its technical life and needs to be replaced. Aim is to make it not only suitable for future use, but also showcase circular possiblities and revive the meetingspot for researchers and clients. Play Video Facts & Figures

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TP3 garage – Rotterdam

TP3 garage – Rotterdam New life for port heritage Rotterdam A former garage building, from the 1950’s once used for servicing forklifts and lorries in Rotterdam’s Fruitport. Renovated to function as a multi-tenant office and workshop for innovative scale up companies, thus boosting the entire area of Merwevierhavens (M4H). Facts & Figures Name Designation Location

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Tiny F – anywhere

Tiny F – anywhere Nomadic housing for flexible people A house that is so flexible that it can be used anywhere. Small enough to transport on a trailer, big enough to house 2 adults with all functions. Completely sustainable, extendable and off the grid if desired. With only 2 people this home can be erected

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