Her house on Texel

Optimizing rooms with views

On a beautiful spot behind the dunes and with a view towards Den Hoorn you can imagine yourself being one with nature. The existing house was replaced by a new wooden structure with an emphasis on prefabrication and circular use of materials.

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Facts & Figures

Location Texel
Category Real Estate Residential
m2 / SQM gross Floor area 100m2
Program House
Start design 2018
Start construction 2020
Start use December 2020
Client Private client
Question client Rooms should be optimized on maximum daylight for the hours that they are intended to be used. Morning sun in the bedroom, Evening sun in the livingroom. Sustainable living with natural materials.
Role ATC architect / total engineer.
Parametric design Program on orientation, daylight.
Team ATC, Imd, Deerns, Willemsen
Visualisations Deyan Saev, Visual Approach

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