Learning Centre LU – Leiden

Renovating an iconic Learning Centre

The iconic building on the campus was used as a college building since the 1970's and was in need of a refurbishment. With the context and the logistics of the new surrounding buildings, this building needed to adapt. The use as a learning centre for all faculties demands a new iconic facade.

Leiden College Building Front
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Facts & Figures

Location Leiden
Category Real Estate Special Purpose
m2 / SQM gross Floor area ca. 7.600m2
Program Education, Meeting space, Restaurants
Start design 2020
Start construction (planned) 2021
Start use (planned) 2022
Client Leiden University
Question client Redesign the building for the new use, keep the iconic shape as a landmark and upgrade it to its future use and standards.
Role ATC Architect, design of entire building and its interior.
Parametric design Façade on daylight, radiation, transparency, view
Team ATC + IMd
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