TP3 garage – Rotterdam

New life for port heritage Rotterdam

A former garage building, from the 1950's once used for servicing forklifts and lorries in Rotterdam's Fruitport. Renovated to function as a multi-tenant office and workshop for innovative scale up companies, thus boosting the entire area of Merwevierhavens (M4H).

TP3 garage-02
TP3 garage-01

Facts & Figures

Location Rotterdam
Category Real Estate Commercial
m2 / SQM gross Floor area ca. 2500 m2
Program Multi tenant office building with industrial facilities
Start design 2018
Start construction (planned) 2022
Start use (planned) 2023
Client Port of Rotterdam
Question client Create a business case for the next life of the building, keep the industrial look and add a new layer to showcase innovation
Role ATC Architect
Parametric design Facade of extension on daylight, radiation, view
Team ATC+ Lievense, Techniplan, Multical

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