R-Iglo workspace – Rotterdam

functional workspace for innovative users

The first functional 3D-printed workspace for Port of Rotterdam’s client Vertidrive can be found in the monumental RDM GrofSmederij.

The shell combines several functions from self-supporting structure to acoustically optimized integrated wall-shape. This is the basis for an entire family of custom made workspaces that can fit any client and any location. It is sustainable, durable and circular because it’s made of recycled PET with glassfibre reinforcement.  And it is plug and play.

Manufactured by Royal 3D in a couple of weeks and assembled in a few days due to it’s ingenuity.

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Facts & Figures

Location Rotterdam
Category Real Estate Special use
m2 / SQM gross Floor area 25 - 200 m2
Program office, meeting room, laboratory, workspace
Start design October 2020
Start construction (planned) December2020
Start use (planned) January 2021
Client Royal 3D (for Port of Rotterdam)
Question client comfortable working space in an uninsulated and unheated monumental building the Grofsmederij
Role ATC architect & architectural engineer
Parametric design 3D printing, structural, use
Team Designed by the ArchiTech Company + Engineered & Manufactured by Royal3D, Proudly owned by Port of Rotterdam
Images Visual Approach, Deyan Saev, Thiemo van Dam, Jerry Lampen

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