Police station – Hilversum

Privacy with an open mind

On the existing site of the Police station the new facility  is much more sustainable and suitable for healthy and safe use. In the center of Hilversum in a friendly way it adapts to the surroundings and is in the heart of the community. Professional and friendly, but also a durable and sustainable 'tool' for today's Policework.

police station hilversum interior_
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Facts & Figures

Location Hilversum
Category Real Estate Special Purpose
m2 / SQM gross Floor area ca. 14.000m2
Program Police station, emergency room, cell blocks
Start design 2019
Start construction (planned) 2021
Start use (planned) 2023
Client National Police
Question client Openness towards the community, inviting and professional, but also privacy and a great place to work. Sustainable and durable, but also secure.
Role ATC co-architect (Co-designing the plan with a lead role in the façade-design)
Parametric design Facade on daylight, radiation, view and privacy, programm on orientation and security.
Team ATC+ BCT, Technion, Goudstikker-De Vries.
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