Tiny F – anywhere

Nomadic housing for flexible people

A house that is so flexible that it can be used anywhere. Small enough to transport on a trailer, big enough to house 2 adults with all functions. Completely sustainable, extendable and off the grid if desired. With only 2 people this home can be erected with materials from your local DIY store.

Tiny F Outdoors
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Facts & Figures

Location Anywhere
Category Real Estate Residential
m2 / SQM gross Floor area flexible, basic 35m2
Program House
Start design 2018
Start construction (planned) 2018
Start use (planned) 2019
Client Private client
Question client A wooden house that can be placed anywhere, erected by 2 people, low costs, extendable if necessary.
Role ATC Architect, architectural engineering
Parametric design Optimized use of material, zero Waste, optimal views and multifunctional spaces where every cm2 is used.
Team ATC

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