Hof van Cramer – Wapenveld

Circular heart of the community

The municipality's new multifunctional building houses important functions for the community such as the Healthcare, Fire Brigade, Sports Facilities and an Event Centre. It is the heart of the community and fits in the rural context of Wapenveld, well adapted to its surroundings. The central space in the building is a multifunctional inner square that can be used for many opportunities.


Facts & Figures

Location Wepenveld
Category Real Estate Mixed use
m2 / SQM gross Floor area ca. 5.600m2
Program Municpality Building, Health Care, library, Firebrigade, Sports Facilities, Event Centre
Start design 2021
Start construction (planned) 2022
Start use (planned) 2023
Client Municipality Heerde
Question client A new center for the community.
Role ATC co-architect, with a lead role in the façade-design and programmatic solutions. [competition]
Parametric design Facade on daylight, radiation, view. Programm on orientation, daylight.
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