down to earth – Earth Day 2022

down to earth: It’s not too late

We have the knowledge and tools to restore the land, water and air and create a sustainable future. It is happening in renewable energy, electric cars and plant-based alternatives to meat. Science, technology, economics, politics, social justice and more will all interact as the future unfolds.

The Cause

The Keeling Curve shows us that the level of CO2 in the atmosphere is currently 414,45 ppm. This is the highest level since at least 800.000 years and it’s mainly caused by human activity such as burning fossil fuel.


And we use more than the Earth can provide: Earth Overshoot Day for the Netherlands is for example on April 27, each year. That means that after that day we use more than we can grow, harvest or mine and that we need 1,7 times the Earth to cover for our needs.

And even in times of the pandemic we have rising levels of CO2: in 2020 it was a global 6,5% increase with a 0,5% decrease in forests.


The solution

We don’t need pledges, we just need to act and rethink what we do and how we do it. Engineers always have found solutions in the past. Steps as we see it:








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