Podcast/ the ibd hub EP04- Rethinking Sustainability

Podcast can be heard here: Podcast IBD/Giulia

Giulia de Mauro / IBD  is talking with Markus Clarijs, about how educational buildings will evolve in a digitalised world, how highrise buildings can be more sustainable and how the architects should convince their client to innovate by reinsuring them.

Markus also tells us a little bit more about his practice and their aim to achieve well-being by using parametric design. The designs of the ArchiTech company are based on data, creativity and new technology. The benefits of artificial Intelligence are its measurable design improvements, the ability to check the impact of demands and informed decisions in every step of the process. Their architecture is successful in combining objective and subjective sense.

We are still looking for likeminded people who would like to participate and talk about topics related to innovation, digitalisation, the future of architecture, construction and real estate. So if you think out of the box feel free to contact us: info@theibdcompany.com


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