Sociaal Cultureel Centrum – Pijnacker

tenderproposal 'Sociaal Cultureel Centrum' - Pijnacker

The municipality's new multifunctional building houses important functions for the community such as the library, theater and a restaurant.

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Facts & Figures

Location Pijnacker
Category Real Estate Library, Theater, Restaurant
m2 / SQM gross Floor area ca. 2.294 m2
Programme Libray, Theater, Music school, restaurant, social space
Start design 2022
Start construction (planned) 2025
Start use (planned) 2026
Client Gemeente Pijnacker - Nootdorp
Question client social cultural sapce
Role ATC candidate for co-architect
Parametric design Facade on daylight, radiation, view. Programme on orientation, daylight.
Team bct architecten & GuusWorks & the ArchiTech Company
SCC gebruiksconcepten_1920
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