Maakfabriek – Dordrecht

tenderproposal 'Maakfabriek' - Dordrecht

the smart ecosystem of innovative makers, startups and schools gets a huge impulse with this new facility.

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Facts & Figures

Location Dordrecht
Category Real Estate Makerspace and schools
m2 / SQM gross Floor area ca. 10.300 m2
Programme Makerspace, Schools, Parking
Start design 2022
Start construction (planned) 2025
Start use (planned) 2026
Client SEAM / Gemeente Dordrecht
Question client innovative ecosystem adjusting to the current plans, optimal use of plot
Role ATC candidate for main architect
Parametric design Facade on daylight, radiation, view. Programme on orientation, daylight.
Team the ArchiTech Company
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