The ArchiTech Company stands for new custom-made architecture. Achieving wellbeing by using parametric design. The designs are based on data, creativity and new technology. The benefits of Artificial Intelligence are its measurable design improvements, the ability to check the impact of demands and informed decisions in every step of the process. Our architecture is successful in combining objective and subjective sense.

beeldmerk architech


We believe in a healthy future created with new intelligence. The ArchiTech Company is based on years of research and is creative and innovative in architecture and building technology. We focus on peoples happiness, giving them great experiences in good and healthy conditions. Objective and subjective sense are coming together in our designs and result in sustainable technology and aesthetics. In order to create a sustainable planet, the appearance of the built environment is just as valuable as for example energy efficiency or the indoor climate. 

We are at the beginning of a new era with a different kind of labor and leisure. In this new era the natural human capabilities will be radically enhanced with powerful neural network computer-systems that help us solve complex analysis, robots to help us create difficult shapes and Artificial Intelligence to increase our flexibility and learning capabilities. In fact these tools are cognitive, physical and perceptual supplements and will not replace us. If we use them correctly, they will help us to do positive things that were previously impossible.

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